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Hello I'm Daejoo

  Professional visual director  

  • Consulted and re-branded the entire brand identity of TV channels and promotion sales brand identity.

  • Developed a strong understanding of production needs and parameters for design production.

  • Collaborated with sales, product development, and upper management.

  • Involved in designing advertisements, implementing new software, post-production techniques.

  • Designed original artwork, and layout on wide range of marketing materials for a wide range of commercials.

  • Organized the master plans for the projects and produced all kinds of design products for broadcasting.

  • Supervised visual concept planning and production of design elements for the global awards.

Art Director


Graphic Designer

Be more creative, Enjoy what you do

3D Abstract Shapes


  • Excellent Graphic software : After effect, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premier.

  • Branding, Graphic design, Motion Graphic Design.

  • Good Communication Skills and Creative Problem Solving.

  • Over 10 years Leadership experience.

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